Ideal Body Image

Todat I read two articles; one was written by a girl who discribed her figure as “full”, and she wrote that many people, including herself, are insecure about there body because of the ideal body image. The other one was written by a girl who had anorexia for 6 years, and still has problems with it. She said that most of the people who get anorexia, don’t get this disease from the ideal body image these days. “People who have anorexia, also have other problems, much deeper” she said. It made me think about it, because both girls have a problem that’s really common these days.

Many girls are insecure about there body, or even think they are fat. Some of them want to fight the fat, and become the victim of an eating disorder. But also the people who don’t want to follow a strict diet have a hard time, because they also have to deal with their insecurity and maybe even with depression.

Why are people so sensitive about their body? Is it because of the advertisements with half naked women -with a perfect figure of course- in it? Or maybe the thin models on the catwalk? I think these things are a part of the problem, but they’re not the main problem. The advertisements and models make people insecure, but the people who are really depressed about their figure already had problems with their self image. Who actually isn’t insecure these days? I believe that even the most populair girls from school aren’t satisfied with themselfs.

From what I’ve seen, thin people are more accepted in this world than thick people, although it also depends on the culture. They are also more wanted in the fashion industry as models, and I don’t understand that. Even if it is your dream job, are you OK with starving yourself? Is it really worth it? But that’s ย not the problem here. What I really don’t understand is why the fashion industry encourage people to be unhealthy thin.

I don’t think that there is anything wrong with being thicker or thinner than average, because many people can’t help it. But it is a problem when your body isn’t healthy anymore, and your obsessed with your body. I know it’s really hard to be satisfied with your body, because there is a lot influence from advertisements and the fashion industry. But as long as you’re healthy, why should you worry? Because you don’t fit in the “ideal” body image? Just look in the mirror, and ask yourself: “What is exactly the problem with my body?”. I’m sure your body is just average, so there’s nothing to worry about.

This is how I think about this topic. Let me know your opinion too, please. Thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

– Angela Liefting


Shopping Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

When I go shopping in the city, I see that a lot of people aren’t clever dressed for a day shopping. That’s why I share some shopping fashion do’s and don’ts.


– Take a vest with you. You can wrap it around your waist when you don’t need it, but you always have something when it’s becoming cold.

– Wear shoes your comfortable with. You may want to try out your new shoes, but many shoes walk horrible the first few days.

– Take your own snacks and drink with you. You don’t want to waste your money on a terrace, there are so many better things you can do with it.

– Be prepared for weather changes. If it may rain, take an umbrella with you.


– Wear heels. I walk a lot on heels, but still my feet will hurt after a while. No matter how nice they look, you can’t enjoy shopping with painful feet.

– Wear a dress. When you want to try on only a shirt or only a jeans, it’s really anoying to have a dress on.

– Wear too many clothes. Layers may look nice, but you really don’t want to take it all off when you’re going to try something on.

I hope this will help you, thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

Summer Make-Up

I love the summer; the warm weather, going to the beach with friends, festivals, summer fashion… Summer is just great. But I’m used to wearing make-up a lot (not everyday, but to school and work I wear make-up). My skin isn’t really bad, but I have some big pores and dark circles I want to cover up. And my lashes are really thin and almost invisible. I want to cover these things up, but I don’t want to wear to much make-up. This is my summer make-up routine:


At first I put on a daycream with SPF, I use the one from Pro-Active. Then I apply the primer from Catrice around my eye area and at places were my pores are bigger. Instead of using foundation, I use the BB cream for an oily skin from Garnier all over my face, especially underneath my eyes. This BB cream also has SPF 20 in it, that’s really nice because it is important to protect your skin (not only in the summer, you should always use SPF).ย Normally I would cover up blemishes with a concealer, but in the summer I skip this step. I apply a little bit of powder at my T-zone.


I don’t wear to much make-up on my eyes in the summer. I will sweat it off anyway, so I only make a thin line with eyeliner, and use waterproof mascara.


I don’t wear lipstick often in the summer, most of the time I use lipbalm or lipgloss. These will keep my lips moisturized. I use something with SPF in it, because my lips sunburn really fast (my lips become bright red, and that doesn’t look good on me at all).

You should keep in mind: less is more. Try to use waterproof products, you don’t want to sweat your make-up off. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen regularly, and drink a lot of water.

I hope this will help you, thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

Allergic Reaction

When I woke up today, I wanted to take a look at my sunburned legs again. But my skin isn’t just sunburned, I have weird spots on my legs! Red and white, and it hurts like hell. It is sunburned too, but I’m also allergic for the suncreen!

Yesterday I already noticed that my legs started to become red, so I put more sunscreen on. But they just became redder! I thought it was weird, so I put a towel on my legs, so they wouldn’t be exposed to the sun anymore. But that didn’t work.

So the places were I didn’t put many sunscreen on, aren’t red at all. But those spots on my legs.. Horrible! I hope they’ll go away soon. It’s really hot here, so I want to wear my bikini and shorts… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The sunscreen I used was from Nivea, SPF 20. My mother is also allergic to it, she has the same spots on her back. We’re both not really allergic to a thing (like nuts or something), but sometimes we just have an allergic reaction and then we don’t know what caused the reaction. But this time it was really clear, we both put on extra sunscreen on some places.

This isn’t critic to Nivea, the sunscreen worked fine for my sister. But you should be careful with your skin, don’t use some products you don’t used before. Especially in the summer, you’ll probably walk around in shorts and show more skin. You don’t want to end up like me, this really sucks.

I don’t think this article will be really helpful, but I still wanted to share this with you. Thank you for reading!

Sunburn Tips

Another hot day in the Netherlands, and of course I tried to get rid off my extreme white skin. Even though I used lots of sunscreen, my skin is sunburned. It’s not so bad, but it hurts a little bit. Do you have the same problem? Then let’s get through this together with these tips.

Your damaged skin needs moisture, so you should drink a lot of water and put an moisturizer on your skin. After sun, bodylotion, anything that will put moisture in your skin and cools it down is fine. I recommend aloe vera, it has a calming and cooling effect. Don’t use soap on the damaged skin, because it can dry out the even more.

It feels so nice to put a wet towel or tissue on the sunburned skin. It’s better to use cool water instead of really cold water, because your skin will shock if you put something really cold on it. You should also take a luke warm bath or shower, so your skin can cool down. Don’t stay in the bath or the shower too long, because it will dry out your skin.

And of course you shouldn’t irritate your damaged skin. If it’s wet, don’t rub it dry with a towel but pat it dry. Don’t expose it to the sun anymore and avoid any heat on it.

I hope this tips will help, thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

A few days ago I gave some hair tips for rainy days. But the weather in the Netherlands is really inpredictable: it’s really sunny since Sunday! And of course you need sunglasses with this weather. I always thought sunglasses didn’t fit me, because of my face shape. But I found out that there are sunglasses for every face shape, so I wanted to share that with you!


If you have a square face, just like me, you should avoid sharp shapes because they emphasize the angles of your face. Round and oval glasses works the best for you, but some people can get away with cat eyes.


You’ll look the best with cat eyes.


When you have a long, narrow face, you should try oversized glasses. Round and square sunglasses looks the best on you.


Lucky you! Because your face is so balanced, every kind of glasses will look good on you!


You should avoid round or oval glasses, choose something with angles, like cat eyes or square (but with rounded edges) sunglasses.


If you have a wide forhead and narrow chin, round and cat’s-eyes look the best on you.


If you want to soften the angles of your face, you should try oval or round glasses.

I hope this will help you, thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

Olive Oil

Another article about an oil today. I’ll tell you about olive oil, you can use it for many things and you can buy it in the supermarket.

Olive oil is amazing for dry skin and hair. It’s used to erase stretch marks and scars, and it also strengthen your nails. It has vitamin E in it, and it will make your skin more elastic.


You can use olive oil to remove your make-up. Just apply the oil on a cotton pad, and rub it gently over your face. Rinse your face with water after that. You can also mix the oil with sugar, to make a scrub or make a mask with some honey.


To scrub my body, I like to mix the olive oil with seasalt. You can use olive oil on really dry parts of your body, like your elbows. You should be careful with the amount, because you don’t want to smell like olive oil. It’s also nice to at some of the oil to bath water. You can use warmed olive oil to erase stretch marks.


Just like the coconut oil, you can use the olive oil as a mask. You can leave it in for a whole night, or just for half an hour. It’s also a treatment for dandruff and a dry scalp.

You should definitely try this oil out, I hope this gave you some ideas on how to use it. Thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Hair Conditioner

Today I’ll show you my favorite leave-in conditioner: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Hair Conditioner. I used this product for a while, and I really like it.

When I stopped with using heat on my hair, and I wanted to use better products, I read something about coconut oil. This leave-in conditioner catched my attention, and was my first “coconut oil product”.


The jar contains 250 g and the price is around $ 5.00 (I don’t know the exact price, here in the Netherlands it was โ‚ฌ 4,00). You only need a small amount of the product, you can use it for a long time.



The ingredients. It’s really hard to read, I’m sorry for that, but because it’s a jar it was hard to make a clear picture. There are different oils in it, and of course the coconut oil.



This is how the product looks. I used it everyday for a long time, and there’s still so much product left! It’s looks like coconut oil, because this is solid too (it melts in your hands). It smells like coconut, I really like it! ย -When I bought pure coconut oil for the first time, I was disappointed when I opened the jar. I was hoping for the delicious coconut smell, but it had no fragrance at all!- ย You can’t use too much, because your hair might look greasy.

It really moisturizes my hair ends, I have less split ends and my hair doesn’t break off as easily anymore. I really recommend this conditioner, I’ll definitely buy it again. I hope some of you will try this product too. Thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

Pictures of the Month

Hello! This article is a little bit different from the others, it’s not about beauty or fashion. I thought it would be fun to show you my 3 favorite pictures that I made this month. It’s just about my daily life.


This is my Ragdoll, Harley. He is 10 month young, and he’s really playful and he loves to cuddle. Well, everyone thinks that way about their cat. In case a Ragdoll fan wants to know: he’s a blue point with a blaze.


A year ago my father finally finished out back garden. It took him years, we have a pretty big garden. It turned out beautiful, and this year the waterlily’s bloomed.


Meet my hamster: Chopper! I bought this little guy Thursday, he’s a little shy.

I don’t think you really care about my animals and back garden, but I still hope you like this article. Thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

My Hair Story #2

In My Hair Story #1ย you could read why my hair became so dry and damaged, and what I do in order to let it grow longer. I thought it was time to publish a new update.

There is only a month left before I start in my new school. That means there’s not much time left for my hair to grow, and my hair grows really slow. I also need a haircut meanwhile, to cut of some split ends. So I don’t think it will be longer when I start school than it is now. At the moment it’s just over my shoulders, and I’m satisfied with that (although I want it much longer). But because my ends are so thin, it looks just weird. Well, I think many people with curly hair think that way, because friends told me they didn’t understand what’s wrong with my hair.

A little while ago I was thinking about cutting my hair short. I’m glad that I didn’t go to the hairdresser immediately. I just don’t have the right face for short hair, and my shoulders are pretty broad too. And I don’t even want to think about starting over with growing out my hair! I can always cut my hair short, but growing my hair long takes time. No short hair for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you’re ever thinking about cutting your hair short, please think it over again. After you cut your hair short, you can’t go back anymore. There are many people who regret cutting their hair short, and it’s horrible if your hair grows slowly like mine. Don’t get me wrong, I love short haircuts, many women look amazing with their short hairdo. But I just don’t want anyone who regrets cutting their hair short.

This was my hair story, I’ll update it in a few weeks. I hope you like it, thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚