My Hair Story #1

About a year ago, my hair was horrible. My hair is naturally thin and curly, and the fact is was pretty short didn’t help at all. That’s why I used a flat iron on my hair, every day. I know it’s really bad, and my hair was really damaged. But now it’s pretty healthy again.

If you want your damaged hair to be healthy again, you should accept the fact that you can’t “repair” your hair. You should cut the most damaged part off, and take good care of it. You shouldn’t use heat, because it takes a long time before your hair has regained its moisture again.

I use coconut oil as a hair mask. I leave it in over night, and my hair just loves it. I try not to use any harsh product on my hair. I also use a scarf to protect my hair from damage while sleeping. These are small things, but all these small things really helped. My hair looks a lot thicker and shinier. My hair doesn’t break off as easily as it did before, so I can finally grow it longer. My hair is now about shoulder length, I hope it will be a lot longer before I enter my new school in September.

I’ll write more “My Hair Story’s” in the future, I hope it will help out some people who also have problems with their hair.

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