Sunburn Tips

Another hot day in the Netherlands, and of course I tried to get rid off my extreme white skin. Even though I used lots of sunscreen, my skin is sunburned. It’s not so bad, but it hurts a little bit. Do you have the same problem? Then let’s get through this together with these tips.

Your damaged skin needs moisture, so you should drink a lot of water and put an moisturizer on your skin. After sun, bodylotion, anything that will put moisture in your skin and cools it down is fine. I recommend aloe vera, it has a calming and cooling effect. Don’t use soap on the damaged skin, because it can dry out the even more.

It feels so nice to put a wet towel or tissue on the sunburned skin. It’s better to use cool water instead of really cold water, because your skin will shock if you put something really cold on it. You should also take a luke warm bath or shower, so your skin can cool down. Don’t stay in the bath or the shower too long, because it will dry out your skin.

And of course you shouldn’t irritate your damaged skin. If it’s wet, don’t rub it dry with a towel but pat it dry. Don’t expose it to the sun anymore and avoid any heat on it.

I hope this tips will help, thank you for reading! 🙂


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