Summer Make-Up

I love the summer; the warm weather, going to the beach with friends, festivals, summer fashion… Summer is just great. But I’m used to wearing make-up a lot (not everyday, but to school and work I wear make-up). My skin isn’t really bad, but I have some big pores and dark circles I want to cover up. And my lashes are really thin and almost invisible. I want to cover these things up, but I don’t want to wear to much make-up. This is my summer make-up routine:


At first I put on a daycream with SPF, I use the one from Pro-Active. Then I apply the primer from Catrice around my eye area and at places were my pores are bigger. Instead of using foundation, I use the BB cream for an oily skin from Garnier all over my face, especially underneath my eyes. This BB cream also has SPF 20 in it, that’s really nice because it is important to protect your skin (not only in the summer, you should always use SPF). Normally I would cover up blemishes with a concealer, but in the summer I skip this step. I apply a little bit of powder at my T-zone.


I don’t wear to much make-up on my eyes in the summer. I will sweat it off anyway, so I only make a thin line with eyeliner, and use waterproof mascara.


I don’t wear lipstick often in the summer, most of the time I use lipbalm or lipgloss. These will keep my lips moisturized. I use something with SPF in it, because my lips sunburn really fast (my lips become bright red, and that doesn’t look good on me at all).

You should keep in mind: less is more. Try to use waterproof products, you don’t want to sweat your make-up off. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen regularly, and drink a lot of water.

I hope this will help you, thank you for reading! 🙂


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