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Must Have Makeup Brushes

I love using my make-up brushes, I think my make-up looks to much better when I apply it with a brush. I use a lot of brushes, but I know that they’re not all necessary. Which brushes are a must have? I think these three are:


A powder brush, you can use it for finishing powder, powder foundation, bronzer, highlighter and blush (though I like you use an angled blush brush for that). You can use this brush for a lot of things, so you probably need this one.


A crease brush. You can apply the eyeshadow on your lid with your fingers, but I think you need a brush for the crease. This brush has a perfect shape for the crease, and makes the eyeshadow look less harsh. It’s also easier to blend eyeshadow with this brush.


Last but not least, a small angled brush. You can use it to apply gel eyeliner or make a line with eyeshadow. I use this brush a lot, because I often use eyeshadow to line my eyes instead of eyeliner.

Which brushes you need, depends on what make-up you use. Some people don’t use eyeshadow, so of course you don’t need a crease brush then. But if you wear make-up “full-face”, I think these brushes are necessary. You can apply foundation, concealer and eyeshadow with your fingers, so you don’t really need brushes for that.

I still like to use brushes, because it works better for me (and I like playing with my new brush set). But I think -especially when you’re a make-up newbie- you don’t need a whole set, but just these three. Thank you for reading! 🙂




Zoeva Bamboo Set

A few days ago I ordered a set make-up brushes from Zoeva, and here they are! It’s the Bamboo Set, with 12 brushes. This is what the site says about the set:

Eco-friendly and vegan.

Like a spa ritual for your skin, this bestselling set comes with 12 selected brushes, that are made from bamboo handles and taklon bristles (vegan). This natural product comes in an eco-style cotton bag and will become your perfect travel companion thanks to its travel size. The super soft and gentle touch of the bristles suits all skin types, even the most sensitive.

In Asia, bamboo is considered as a symbol of longevity and flexibility.

The brushes from left to right:

Buffer,  powder,  blush,  foundation,  concealer,  shader,  smaller shader,  crease,  eye blender,  fan,  liner,  lip.

There was also a note with the set that said I should clean the brushes before the first use and at least once a month. I clean my brushes every week, so that’s no problem for me.

I used the set this morning for the first time, and I love it! I always used cheap drugstore brushes, this is the first time I used a set and I love it. They are really soft, and nice to work with. The set was € 22,-. They were delivered in 2 days, that’s pretty fast because they came from Germany (I live in Holland).

I can’t wait to make more looks with them! 🙂