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Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

A few days ago I gave some hair tips for rainy days. But the weather in the Netherlands is really inpredictable: it’s really sunny since Sunday! And of course you need sunglasses with this weather. I always thought sunglasses didn’t fit me, because of my face shape. But I found out that there are sunglasses for every face shape, so I wanted to share that with you!


If you have a square face, just like me, you should avoid sharp shapes because they emphasize the angles of your face. Round and oval glasses works the best for you, but some people can get away with cat eyes.


You’ll look the best with cat eyes.


When you have a long, narrow face, you should try oversized glasses. Round and square sunglasses looks the best on you.


Lucky you! Because your face is so balanced, every kind of glasses will look good on you!


You should avoid round or oval glasses, choose something with angles, like cat eyes or square (but with rounded edges) sunglasses.


If you have a wide forhead and narrow chin, round and cat’s-eyes look the best on you.


If you want to soften the angles of your face, you should try oval or round glasses.

I hope this will help you, thank you for reading! 🙂