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Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Hair Conditioner

Today I’ll show you my favorite leave-in conditioner: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Hair Conditioner. I used this product for a while, and I really like it.

When I stopped with using heat on my hair, and I wanted to use better products, I read something about coconut oil. This leave-in conditioner catched my attention, and was my first “coconut oil product”.


The jar contains 250 g and the price is around $ 5.00 (I don’t know the exact price, here in the Netherlands it was € 4,00). You only need a small amount of the product, you can use it for a long time.



The ingredients. It’s really hard to read, I’m sorry for that, but because it’s a jar it was hard to make a clear picture. There are different oils in it, and of course the coconut oil.



This is how the product looks. I used it everyday for a long time, and there’s still so much product left! It’s looks like coconut oil, because this is solid too (it melts in your hands). It smells like coconut, I really like it!  -When I bought pure coconut oil for the first time, I was disappointed when I opened the jar. I was hoping for the delicious coconut smell, but it had no fragrance at all!-  You can’t use too much, because your hair might look greasy.

It really moisturizes my hair ends, I have less split ends and my hair doesn’t break off as easily anymore. I really recommend this conditioner, I’ll definitely buy it again. I hope some of you will try this product too. Thank you for reading! 🙂


Rainy Days Hair Care

Another rainy day here in the Netherlands. For me there are two reasons why it screw up my day:

1. I had driving lessons and I had to go over the highway for the thirth (?) time. I thought I was going to die.

2. My hair became really flat and greasy above and really frizzy underneath. It looked so nice in the morning.

Rain is a disaster for all women. There are some ways to reduce the frizz, so I’ll share some tips with you.

What you can do beforhand, it letting your hair dry naturally and put in a leave-in conditioner. If your hair still gets frizzy, you can wear it in a bun or a braid.

Your hair can look greasy if it got wet. I think the best way to solve that, is dry shampoo. Just put a some of the dry shampoo on your hair, and brush it out (only do this when it’s dry, do not brush your hair when it’s wet!). If you have curly hair, it’s better to use a really small amount of the dry shampoo, so you don’t have to brush it out. That way you can use it as a volume powder.

It’s important that you get the rainwater out of your hair, it can contain chemicals that will damage your hair. The best thing you can do, is wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

I hope this works out for some people. My hair is too short for a braid of bun, so I’ll fight the rain with leave-in conditioner, an umbrella and some dry shampoo (though I don’t really like using it). Can you tell me about your ways to fight frizzy or greasy hair? Thank you for reading! 🙂

Coconut Oil

In my article about castor oil, I told you that I mix the oil with coconut oil. This is my favorite oil of all, because it really saved my hair. My hair was always really dry and dull, and it broke off really easily. I heard that coconut oil is amazing for damaged and dry hair, so I tried it out. After the first time I used it, I already knew: this is what my hair needs. My hair became stronger, shinier and I can finally grow it longer.

There isn’t any oil that can be as easily absorbed by your hair as coconut oil. That’s because of the structure of the oil. This strong structure also keeps the moisture in your hair, it won’t let it escape easily. Moisture is really important for strong, shiny hair. It’s also important that your scalp isn’t dry, because healthy hair grows out a healthy scalp. Coconut oil is also a treatment for dandruff.

100% coconut oil is solid, it’ll become liquid when you make it warmer. The easiest way to do this, is rubbing it in your hands.

This is how I use it: I apply the oil all over my hair, more at the ends, less at the roots. I mix a little bit of coconut oil with castor oil, and put it on my scalp. I wrap a towel around my head and leave the oil in overnight. In the morning I wash it out, and my hair is really shiny, soft and a lot stronger!

Natural products are amazing for my hair. They are cheap, and you know what you’re putting in your hair. Even if you have no troubles with your hair, you should try this oil out. It will make your hair even more beautiful! Thank you for reading. 🙂

Castor Oil

I guess this happened to many people; you spended a lot of money on a skin or hair care product, but it doesn’t help at all. I know how you feel, it happened to me so many times. That’s why I started replacing some of my expensive, chemical junk for natural products, like castor oil. Castor oil is a great product for both your skin and your hair.


Castor oil is known as a hair-grow-product. It’s said to make your hair grow faster and thicker, and leaves your hair soft and shiny. Because your hair grows out of your scalp, you should also apply the oil there. You only need a little bit of the oil. It is really thick and sticky, so you should spread it out. You can leave it in over night, but be sure to wrap a towel or an old scarf around your head. You don’t want stains from this oil on your bed, because it is really hard to get out.

If you have light and thin hair like me, it’s better to wash the oil out next morning. Otherwise your hair will look greasy. Because I think castor oil is too thick and sticky for my thin hair, I combine it with coconut oil (This oil is perfect for really dry hair, I’ll write a post about it soon).


If you have an oily skin, it might be a little bit scary to put on oil on it. But putting oil on your skin is so much better than putting on some alcohol-based product. Because it dries your skin out, it is working only temporarily. Your skin will react with making more oil, so in the end it doesn’t work at all.

If you put oil on your skin, your skin doesn’t have to make more oils. The most effective way to use it, is leaving it over night as a mask. Before you apply it, you should open your pores with warm water. The oil will purify your skin. You don’t notice the results directly, but after a few weeks you’ll see the difference.

Some people are afraid to use it on their skin, because it promotes hair growth. But don’t worry; castor oil can’t make hairs appear on places where they normally don’t appear. The hairs on your face are so thin, they won’t be affected by the oil.

Castor oil isn’t expensive, and you just need a little bit. There may be other oils that work better for you, so I’ll be writing about other oils too.

What kind of natural product do you use?

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Hair Extensions

Since a year ago, I don’t have hair extensions anymore. I had them for half a year, and I’m really glad I don’t have them anymore. Because a lot of girl want extensions, I want to tell you my experience with them.

I took extensions because I hated my hair. It was zo thin, curly and short, and it was really damaged. I was 15 when I got my extensions. The hairdresser glued them in my hair, after a few houres it was finally done. They promised me human hair, but after a few days I figured out it wasn’t human hair. I washed it once, and it looked so ugly. The hairdresser offered other extensions. So she had to take the extensions out, and put new extensions in my hair. It hurted so much, and it damaged my hair even more. I didn’t notice that, because I was only thinking about how I would look with longer hair.

Because the extensions were curly, just like my own hair, it tangled fast. So I had to go to the hairdresser every other week, so she could take the old, tangles extensions out, and put new ones in. I don’t know what the total price was, because my parents paid, but I know it was a lot (and I still feel really bad about that).

I really liked having long, thick hair, because I never had it before. But it maked me wanting even longer hair. But that looked horrible on me, so I went back to the 15 cm extensions. After 5 month I decided I didn’t want them anymore. I wanted my own hair to grow healthy, and I felt bad for my parents because they paid everything. I also didn’t want to go to the hairdresser every other week, I had better things to do.

The hairdresser cut my extensions shorter, and took some out so my hair looked thinner again. A month later, all the extensions were out of my hair. My own hair was even more damaged because of the extensions, it also was shorter because it just broke off. That was a year ago, and now my hair has grown a lot. Of course, it isn’t as thick as the extensions, but I’m glad it is my real hair.

When I had extensions, I had to blowdry my hair when it got wet. Detangling my hair was just hell. Even though my own hair was thin, damaged and curly, I feel like it’s so much easier to handle than extensions. And it has grown longer, and I don’t hate my hair anymore like I used to do.

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