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Lipstick Tips

I love lipstick, because you can create all kind looks with it. You need to get the best out of your lipstick, so I’ll share some tips.

The most important thing is the color. Some people look amazing with bold colors, other people rock the lighter lipstick. But there is one color that looks great on everyone: pink. You can also try orange, it also look good on almost everyone, and it’s a huge trend at the moment.

If you want your lips to look natural, but you just want some color, pat your lipstick on your lips with your fingers. If you want straight lines, it better to apply it with a lip brush. Some people prefer to apply the lipstick from the tube. That’s fine, but you’ll spill more lipstick than when you apply it with your finger or a brush.

Lipstick stays better on clean, healthy lips. Be sure that your lips are hydrated, but not oily.  Lipliner is a good basis, but you can also use foundation. Two thin layers of lipstick stays better than one thick layer. For more volume, apply a small amount of lipgloss on the center of your lips or an highlighter in your cupids bow. Your lips will stand out more if you line the outside of your lips with a concealer.

Those are just tips on how you can make your lipstick stay and look better. You don’t have to use a brush or lipliner, you can make your lips look amazing with just the lipstick too. Just do what works best for you.

What’s your favorite lipstick?

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Bourjois Effet 3D Max Gloss

A few days ago, I bought the Effet 2D Max Gloss from Bourjois. The formula of the lipgloss changed, and there’s a new packaging and there are new shades. I have the color 14 Rose Watery. The gloss is supposed to hydrate your lips, and should last for 8 houres.

The photo’s are a little on the dark side, I’m sorry for that.

The packaging is curvy, and I really like it. It has the same color as the lipgloss. The price in Europe is € 9,99.

This lipgloss has a sponge applicator, which I really like. The previous applicators from Bourjois were small brushes or from plastic. I’m really glad they decided to use a normal sponge applicator.

The gloss is really pigmented, and had a little bit of shimmer in it. It doesn’t really last for 8 houres, but you only have to touch it up once in a while.

Normally I’m not a big fan of lipgloss, because it is so sticky. But I really like this lipgloss, it isn’t expensive, but it still is really good.

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