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Nail Polish Tips

I really suck at nailart. Actually, not only nailart, just painting my nails will turn out in a mess. And when I finally have it on my nails, it will chip off and I’m too lazy to touch it up. But that’s going to end, because I want to wear nail polish more. I found some tips, so I’ll share those with you!

Before you apply a base coat, it’s important to prime your nails. Everyone knows about the “base coat, polish, top coat” thing, but many people forget the step “priming”. If you prime your nails, you take off all the oils, so you have clean nails to paint on. You nail use polish remover for this.  Then you can start with the base coat. This base coat will strengthen your nails, and protect it.

Now it’s time to paint on the polish. Take the time, every coat should be allowed to dry.  (This is the part were I go wrong. I always want to finish it quickly, so after a few second I’ll put on the next coat.) If you are right-handed, it’s better to start painting with your left hand (and vice versa).  After you applied the polish, you can apply the top coat. Allow this one to dry as well!

If you are really, really bad at nailart, you should try the nailart stamps. Even I can’t screw that up. I bought a cheap stamping set a while ago from Essence. I don’t know if you can buy it in other country’s, but I guess you can buy these at almost all the places where they sell nail polish. If you put rhinestones on your nails, it’s better to seal them in with a top coat, so they will stay longer.

I hope this will help you, and maybe I’m able to show you some pictures of my nailart when it’s done. Thank you for reading! 🙂