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I love jewelry, and that was a reason for me to take piercings. Picking out jewelry for my piercings is something that I really enjoy. When I went to the piercing shop today, I bought new jewelry for 2 piercing in my ear: my outer conch and my tragus piercing.


I chose a pearl for my tragus, and for my outer conch I chose a stone from Swarovski. But I didn’t go to the shop just to buy new jewelry. I went to the shop because I wanted to take my navel piercing out. It wasn’t placed the straight, and it looked really ugly. It wouldn’t heal, and a few days ago it started hurting really bad.

I have 5 piercings now (+ 4 normal earrings), so I thought I could tell a little bit about piercings and how you should take care of them. I understand why people like piercings, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But many people don’t know much about piercings and the disadvantages.

When you want a piercing, you should realise that you have to be patient. Many piercings take a long time to heal, sometimes a year. You can’t switch your jewelry when you piercing isn’t fully healed (and I know that many people ignore this). You also can’t swim when it isn’t healed.

Some people take care of their piercings, but the wrong way. They do things like moving and twisting the piercing and they use products with alcohol on it. You shouldn’t do this, it slows down the healing. You should listen to the advise of the piercer. Don’t go to a jewelry store for advise, those people know a lot about jewelry, but not about piercings.

Don’t touch your piercings with dirty hands, and dry your piercings with a clean tissue after it got wet. It sounds so easy, but many people are too lazy to do it. It’s so sad, because you can avoid a lot of trouble if you just take good care of your piercings.

I hope this information is helpful for those who are interested in piercings. In the future I want my navel piercing back, so I will tell you when it is repierced.